Tuesday, 12 October 2010

dreamy dresses

I'm in love. Seriously. Just look at this amazing piece of clothing! I love love love it! It's a Bettie Page Clothing dress and I truly believe it was made for me. The colours, the cut, the collar, the buttons. Thank you very much. The only downside is that they didn't just give it to me, and I don't pay this much for a single piece, as a principle. Maybe it's a silly principle, I don't know, cos it's not that I couldn't afford it if I really wanted to. I just don't like paying a lot for anything, I like bargains and getting many things rather than just the one item. I've always been like that, and can't just change. In case you're wondering what I won't pay for the perfect dress, it's $137.

While on the subject of lovely new dresses, I also found this dreamy thing at Sivletto. It's from Fever and costs £74.99. I do love the cut and the colour and the pattern a lot, but mostly I love that it's called Calligraphy dress, even though I don't know why. As far as I can see it's got a rose pattern, and roses are not calligraphic. But I find that intruiging, has it by any chance got a calligraphic lining that doesn't show in the picture? Will my calligraphic skills improve when I wear it? Did a calligrapher design it? Either way I love roses almost as much as calligraphy, but this is also above my principle price so I guess I'll just keep dreaming of finding it in a vintage store eventually, when some crazy girl with my size has gotten bored with it. It could happen you know!


Saga said...

Come on, spend some of that money... :-)

Fablefairy said...

i'm with you i cant spend more than R120 on a dress i'm a nightmare. i cant believe lauren won again. well done girl. i love the owl brooch. sorry to hear you were sick. check me out soon. i love your blog http://fablefairy.blogspot.com

jenny kellerman pillay said...

Saga: I did spend some of that money, check the new post!
Fablefairy: thank you so much for your kind words, I'll be sure to head over to your place now! and I'll host some more giveaways soon, maybe your luck is coming soon.