Thursday, 8 March 2012

feisty feminism

Today I mostly just wanted to say this: I am a feminist. I have always been one, and I will always be one. I believe in absolute equality between people, no matter what gender, race, sexual preference, religious beliefs, and whatnot that others believe separates us. I have been brought up in a privileged place (Sweden), where feminism has always been acknowledged as a politically important question, and equality has come a long, long way compared to most other places. That does not however mean that I will just lean back and say “good for me”, because that is far from the reality for most women in the world. For most women in the world, feminism is probably not the most important issue of their everyday life, so it is important that we who are privileged fight for everyone’s right for equality. All day, every day, for as long as it takes. Which, I am well aware of, will be long after I am gone. But at least I will be able to say that I did what I could. I am a feminist.

On another note, I also wanted to add that Feist, pictured above, is one of the most fabulously fantastic female artists I have had the pleasure to witness in a live performance, so far. She made last night very special to me and a sold-out venue here in Stockholm. It was so powerful, and reinforcing, and quite frankly mindblowing. Thank you Feist, you are awesome!

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