Friday, 25 May 2012

Maira Kalman’s awesome art and illustration

I really love the colourful and naïve style of Israelian born American artist Maira Kalman. She has among other things written and illustrated 13 children’s books, and been a frequent contributor to The New Yorker. Just take a brief look here, head on over to see more loveliness at her website, and have a wonderful weekend everyone! I know I will with summer having completely taken over Stockholm in the best sense, and having a couple of bottles of both prosecco and rosé being chilled in the fridge!

All pictures belong to Maira Kalman.


lisa ekström said...

Ahhh, thank you for this marvelous collection of Maira Kalman inspiration! I've never been able to adequately describe the delight her work brings me. Happy weekend!

Jenny Kellerman Pillay said...

I'm happy you like it, she is a magnificent artist!