Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sophie Blackall: connected

Today I fell in love with an artist called Sophie Blackall, and I think I got a new addiction at the same time. See, Ms Blackall bases a series of illustrations on ads called Missed Connections, and I think that is such a brilliant idea. For a while, some years ago, I loved reading a similar section in the personal ads in my daily newspaper, but for some reason they stopped doing them. The shorter and more poetic they were, the more I loved them. Sophie Blackall definitely has an eye for picking up the best ones, and clearly she’s also an amazing artist.

You can find lots more over at Sophie Blackall’s blog Missed Connections, buy prints in her Etsy shop, and check out other stuff she’s doing on her website.

Oh, and the thing I became addicted to is obviously reading Missed Connections. Right now I’m heading over to the one in London!

All pictures belong to Sophie Blackall.

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