Monday, 6 June 2011

tip tops that pop

I’ve expanded my wardrobe with some nice thrifted summer tops lately, which seems wise since we’re spoilt with an ongoing heatwave at the moment. Again. It’s rather lovely, I must say, and not too hot as well. Just the right temperature for my liking. Although that doesn’t mean I’m spending more time outside, which I guess I should really. Anyhow, this cutie above I found at Humana. It was a little bit pricier than what I’d normally pay for a thrift store top, but it is really in mint condition and by some Italian designer I’ve never heard of. And compared to a new top anywhere else I guess 120 kronor isn’t really too bad.

It’s completely sheer so it needs a black vest underneath, and I love it lots for its dots and little clusters of colourful flowers!

At Myrorna (The Salvation Army) I found this H&M tunic in pretty summer colours and print for 85 kronor. It looks a bit square here (and obviously very creased!), but it’s got a belt that wraps in the back and makes it fit very nicely.

Being a buttonoholic of sorts, I love the tiny raspberry red candylike ones this tunic have.

Another H&M top that I found for 40 kronor at Emmaus, a charity shop here in Stockholm. Fits me like a glove and the belt is long enough to make a very nice big bow in the back, or in the front I guess, if one should be inclined to do so.

At Emmaus I also found this adorable top from H&M for 40 kronor. I was very happy with these scores when I just popped in for a quick look during my lunch break last week!

The Peter Pan collar and more candylike raspberry red buttons make this one a definite new favorite in the closet, especially paired with a black pencil skirt.

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