Wednesday, 1 June 2011

incredible Lauren Nassef

I discovered a new super talented illustrator today, Lauren Nassef. Here are just a few peeks into her genius. Make sure you visit her site to view the rest. I want this book cover as a poster, but I guess I might have to settle for the book.

By the way, in Sweden there’s a long 5 day weekend starting tomorrow, and it will certainly be awesome and a well deserved rest from work! I hope the weather will stay as lovely as it is today for a few days, but if I can be selfish, and I do believe I can, I wouldn’t mind at least one day of rain too, so I can stay indoors and finish watching Studio 60 with feeling bad about it. Not that I will anyway though, to be honest, it’s so brilliant I should feel more bad if I didn’t watch it just because the sun was shining outside!

Anyways, enjoy your weekend,no matter how long or short it happens to be!

All pictures belong to Lauren Nassef.

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