Thursday, 26 May 2011

lucky find

A while ago I was very lucky to go to my fave thrift store Humana on the day everything cost 20 kronor, and find this super cute dress. I’ve been wearing it so many times already, which makes it one of the most budget friendly purchases I’ve ever made. Not that I ever spend a lot of money on anything, but still. There are a precious few buys that I still haven’t created an occasion for to wear yet, which is bothering me a bit. I don’t like them hanging there feeling unused and unappreciated. I’ve got three parties coming up the next couple of weeks though, so maybe at least one of them will get to go with me.

Wearing this green cutie makes every day feel like a party though. Well, not really, at the end of the day a day at work is just a day at work, but any day deserves a nice dress, none the less.

With those incredibly wise words I bid you all a good night.

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