Tuesday, 3 May 2011

up the walls

British company Miss Print claim to be inspired by mid-century illustration and Scandinavian design for their range of wallpapers and other interior design goods. One of the best sources for inspiration if you ask me. Although being Scandinavian, maybe I’m not supposed to pat myself on the back for being proud of good design coming from my part of the world? Nevermind! I say Miss Print are doing a very good job either way, and I wouldn’t mind having some walls with their wallpapers. This one above is from their series Pebble Leaf, in the colour Verdigris.

Cotton Tree in Sage Grey.

Little Trees in Chilli.

Leaves in Teal with White.

Dandelion Mobile in Mist Green with White. How poetic doesn’t that sound!?

Muscat in Grey.

Muscat Small in Rose with White.

Saplings in Turquoise with Gold. I think this last one is my favorite, although it might feel a bit dominating in a room. I would love it as a curtain actually, that would look great, especially against all my teak furniture. I don’t mean to repeat myself, but turquoise and teal do go really well with teak, that’s just the way it is.

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