Sunday, 15 May 2011

spring me a new dress

I’m very much in love with this dress I got this week. It’s one of those dresses that you put on and just feel so good in, and you feel it’s making you look good, almost effortlessly. I like those kinds of dresses. Yes, I like this dress lots and lots. I got it at Humana for 159 kronor. I like that too. I think it looks very 50’s, but I couldn’t say for sure. As always, just hanging on a hanger doesn’t make it justice, take my word for it.

What caught my eye in the store was the lovely flowery print, and I got so happy in the dressing room when the fit was absolutely perfect. Today it was a bit chilly again, so I wore it for the first time, and I’ve felt so good the whole day. Thank you, new black flower dress, for making me feel good.

We’ve got pink trees outside the house, just wanted to show you. They’re ridiculously pretty. If it stays windy next week, the whole street will look like it’s covered in pink snow. I love it!

Spring and new dresses are a good combination, if you ask me.

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