Sunday, 22 May 2011

spectacular spring

I keep feeling completely overwhelmed by the loveliness of this season, just cannot get enough of it. The colours, the smells, the light late evenings, bare feet in the grass. The long, dark and horribly cold winter is nothing but a vicious dream we’ve all woken up from, finally. This tree above is a Bird Cherry, and it’s got the most amazing scent imaginable. Trust me, it’s intoxicating. I don’t wear perfume, in fact I kinda hate perfume, because perfume will never come close to the scent of Bird Cherry, for example.

Another amazing tree is this one called Lind in Swedish, Tilia Cordata. It smells lovely from the day it starts blooming, until the end of summer when it’s blooming again, with flowers that also makes for a delicious tea. Bumblebees come to feast at those flowers, and end up killing themselves, because they get too drunk from the nectar. It’s sad, but also kinda nice. I would like to believe they die happy.

I got myself a new dress to celebrate the season (well, obviously I will make up any excuse to get a new dress), and also add some colour to my wardrobe. I love it! I found it at Myrorna (Salvation Army) for 125 kronor, thank you very much.

Look how lovely the evening sun looks in our little park by the church around the corner where we live!

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