Tuesday, 20 September 2011

book dreams

As I am preparing to get ready for the book fair that I leave for tomorrow, I just wanted to make a wish list of the books I’m lusting over right now. They must be mine, eventually, some of them sooner rather than later. First up is Wildwood by Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis, that has been released now.

The art of McSweeney’s
is a must have for a McSweeney’s buff like me. The cover art, minus the red circle, I actually have as a poster on the wall over my desk.

This book
I saw live in London at the book fair there, but the books unfortunately weren’t for sale. I have been wanting it ever since.

Vee Speers Birthday party was for sale at the Photographic Museum here in Stockholm, but I didn’t get it the last time I was there, which I regretted afterwards. Surely it will still be there when I get back.

Do I really have to explain that I need this book? Well I do.

Via this blog I discovered this great book yesterday, with letters to and from Edward Gorey and his friend Peter F. Neumeyer. I need that one too. And I also want it, badly. Since I can never get a handwritten letter from Edward Gorey myself, at least I should get that book. I’m just saying.

Ok, so I will be back next week, since book fairing doesn’t really allow for any activities outside the book fair.

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