Sunday, 18 September 2011

i want candy

One of my favorite purchases of late is this candylike bracelet. I have worn it every day since I got it, because being this colourful, obviously it goes with everything! Found it in a Fair Trade store, and the beads are actually coloured nuts from South America. I am thinking of getting at least one more, since the colours differs a little bit and I just love it so much!

I have also gotten some rather candylike earrings from H&M, and find myself wearing these more often than anything else right now. But I do feel tempted to eat them every once in a while!


Saga said...

My husband bought that bracelet to me a year ago or so! it's very sweet indeed!

Jenny Kellerman Pillay said...

I love it, but when I got home from the book fair it broke! I've only had it for 3 weeks, so that's a bummer. Should be able to fix it though, just need some new elastic thread.