Friday, 2 September 2011

feet first

I need a new pair of reasonably comfortable, preferably really cute shoes, that will go with most of my autumn wardrobe. Since I’ve completely enjoyed wearing my Swedish Hasbeens this summer, I wouldn’t mind another pair of clogs. These ones from Dala Clogs are so nice, and I do believe they fit all my needs.

I’m not crazy about the big silk laces on these ones from Rules By Mary, but I love everything else about them, and obviously it’s not exactly brain surgery to switch laces. They just look incredibly comfortable, don’t they?

A bit more conservative, but very versatile and classic looking all the same. From Vagabond, a definite runner-up.

These are a little bit more whimsical and fun, from Fly London! Of course I love the red, white and black, and the thin ankle strap.

Finally a gorgeous creation from Clarks that a whole lot of my vintage dress collection would love, and so would I.

Oh, decisions, decisions! Good thing this internet store has free shipping and free exchange. I believe I will have to sleep on it before I can decide though, because as much as I’d want to, I can’t get them all ...


Saga said...

I would go for the Clarks or the clogs :-)!

Jenny Kellerman Pillay said...

I tried about 10 pairs of shoes yesterday, but only came home with a bracelet! Decisions are difficult, so thanks for your vote!