Monday, 15 August 2011

colourful cups

Browsing a bit everywhere I can think of for inspiration and possible purchases I found these mugs, espresso cups and tea pots, that I was instantly drawn to. I don’t know what’s going on with me! Why am I suddenly drawn to these clear block colours, clean lines, rather simple designs? Could it be that my frilly, over decorating days are really over? My husband should be so lucky, I tell you that. But even if it’s a phase or not, I shall not resist it. I shall welcome it into my home.

These lovelies are from The Modern Museum in Stockholm, mugs cost 95 kronor each, espresso cups 80 kronor and tea pot 475 kronor.

How nice is this little tea pot?! Surely this would perk me up in the morning, and I would very much need that. I am such a cranky morning person I better be left alone. The cat is the only one brave enough to ignore my crankiness and annoy me until I give her food.

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