Sunday, 14 August 2011

wear that book

Since I was too busy to post yesterday I thought I’d post two book/dress combos today instead. First one, slightly country kitchen chic, is with a dress from Ruche and book, as usual, from Penguin Classics.

Second one, very classy if I may say so myself, with a dress from Modcloth and yet antother Penguin book. I can’t help it if all their book covers look like dresses!

My work with redecorating our apartment is coming along slowly, but nicely. I get the occasional outburst of impatience, when I just want everything to get done NOW. But then I take a step back, breathe in, and tell myself this is the better way to do it. And then I’ll see some small thing I can easily change instead. The plan is to not really get that many new things, but rather take stuff away (I have had the habit of surrounding myself with A LOT of things and trinkets) and see what I can make do with what I have. But it is a good thing that we’ve got an IKEA visit planned in a couple of weeks.

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