Wednesday, 3 August 2011

red, white and black

Look at this incredibly beautiful vintage scarf I got myself! Found it in a big stack of scarves at a charity shop (Emmaus) for 70 kronor, which I do think is a bit much for a small square of old fabric really, but I couldn’t not get it. The only problem is that I can’t wear it folded out like this, so that you can see how gorgeous the whole thing is, unless I wear it like a cape I guess ... I might just hang it on the wall actually, I do think it’s as pretty as art.

Got this lovely summery skirt a while back at a charity shop (Stadsmissionen by Nytorget) for 60 kronor.

I love the combination of strict stripes and whimsical shells, and red and white will always be a favorite combo, especially in the summer.

I think it’s a struggle to find good white tops, because about 98 % of all white tops are completely see through, and in the summer I don’t want to wear layers of clothes to avoid that. So I was quite happy to find this cutie at H&M, where the front is already layered so as to not be see through, but it doesn’t look bulky. Someone thought it through, and I thank them for that. With a pricetag of 99 kronor I thank them even more.

A top that is both white and see through that I still couldn’t resist is this one, also from H&M, for obvious reasons. I mean, how adorable is it not? In fact, it is so adorable and perfect in my mind, that I got myself two of them!

Although the other one is black! I know it’s a bit crazy, but they only cost 149 kronor, and this is the kind of blouse that I feel completely comfortable and pretty in, and it goes with so many of my skirts and it will be perfect to layer with a cardigan in the winter. So there you have it: not two blouses for the price of one really, but compared to most other shops just about, or even less.

Finally a thrifted old H&M top, from the Salvation Army, at the fair price of 40 kronor. I do have a similar top already, but this is actually a lot nicer and shall therefore be worn more frequently for sure.

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