Wednesday, 17 August 2011

curly cover

A Swedish publisher has been inspired by Penguin Classics and other overseas publishers, and are re-designing classics for reprints (although this is certainly not the first publisher, nor the first time this happens in Sweden, I must add). I encourage the idea of course, but the first four covers are not completely my cup of tea, with the exception of this purple curly one that I quite fancy. They are illustrated by a London-based Swedish illustrator called Petra Börner, and you can look at the other covers here. Maybe you don’t agree with me at all, and like the others too?


August said...

The purple cover is my favorite, but I thought the blue and yellow cover with the couple facing each other was also quite nice.

Jenny Kellerman Pillay said...

I have also seen the covers live now, and all of them look rather pretty actually! You're quite right about the couple cover, it is very nice.