Thursday, 8 December 2011

behind the scenes

Last Thursday I got to take part of a photo shoot for a book that’s coming out next year. It was very exciting, even though I was mostly just admiring everything, like all these incredibly beautiful things mostly from the 1920’s. I wanted to secretly smuggle most of this into my bag, and silently leave the set ... I didn’t stay for the whole shoot, because we wanted the rather young model to feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera, with no strangers around. So I don’t know what got used in the end, but I will show the end result later on.

Pretty pretty shoes! Too narrow for the model though, but they might have been used in the setting.

Lovely hairbands with feathers. Oh, I truly love the 1920’s, it’s the best kind of glamour I know.

Hat pins that could actually be used as murder weapons, which led to them being forbidden. Shame on such pretties! But I guess good too, and since I never wear a hat, what would I do with them?

This mask is not vintage, but very handsome and fancy still.

This was just for props, a vintage camera from the 1920’s, so incredibly beautiful! What a handcraft. Supposedly it still works, but the photographer had no film for it. She used another gorgeous one from the 50’s though, apart from a modern digital one. The book is mainly set in the 1920’s, and the final picture will be hand coloured to really look the part. I can’t wait to see the end result.

This is what the camera looks like folded out, just look at the mechanics! Amazing, I say. Nowadays no tech stuff seems to last more than a couple of years, this beauty is almost 100 years old and still working.

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