Wednesday, 7 December 2011

early christmas gifts

I have a very good friend who shares my passion for vintage, amongst other things. Not surprisingly we like gifting each other thrift store finds, and since me and the husband are spending the holidays in Durban we did the christmas gift exchange early this year. I got a big thing and a small thing, and the big thing very perfectly fit in to my little christmas decoration in the kitchen window.

It’s a beautiful wooden box for treasures and keepsakes, with the prettiest handpainted flowers.

And hidden inside was this darling treasure! A small, intricately decorated golden cat pin. I love it!

Being from the cold part of the world, I find it difficult to get into the same kind of christmas spirit when we’re in Durban, so I’m trying to suck the most out of it now. Of course the best thing about the holidays is to not be working and getting to spend quality time with the family, which we will do plenty of with my husbands family that it’s been way too long since we saw last. I am very much looking forward to that for sure!

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