Friday, 9 December 2011

christmas is in the tiny details

Today I ate my christmas food for this year, and it was quite delicious. Being a vegetarian, or pescetarian actually (I just don’t like that word really) the traditional Swedish christmas spread doesn’t really excite me if I don’t get to cook myself. Although I love all the different kinds of pickled herrings and smoked or cured salmons, having this food once a year is quite enough for me. Now I’m gonna enjoy our small christmas decorations one last weekend, while we pack and sort out everything at home for some guests that will stay here while we are away.

Check out my tiny little santas, aren’t they the cutest? The little doily is from my grandmother.

This pretty little table cloth is a thrift store find I made a few years ago, and the perfectly matching candle holder we find at the tiniest flea market I’ve ever been to a few weekends ago. It only cost 10 kronor (about 10 rand)!

Here you can see the candle holder a bit better, very 60’s indeed. We’re doing the advent lighting with the candles, that’s why one candle has been lit.

Without a christmas tree one must take what one’s got if one wants to hang up some tiny decorations, so that’s what I did!

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