Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dreamy dresses from StutterinMama’s

I am slowly getting in the mood of heading south in about a week and a half, when we’re going down to Durban for a long, well deserved vacation with my husband’s family and all our friends there. Although this autumn has been unusually mild, and still is, it will obviously be a big difference from 5-10 degrees to 30-35 degrees. I like being able to wear tights and cardigans and coats with my dresses and skirts, but it will be nice to just throw a cotton dress on, slip my feet into sandals, and be ready for the day. Here are some beautiful 50’s summer dresses from StutterinMama’s Etsy shop I wouldn’t mind packing. Floral print in turquoise and purple.

I love this colour combination like mad! Green and turquoise striped cotton dress.

And predictably there’s a red and white gingham dress in this mix.

This somewhat tropical leaf print dress in green is just lovely.

Finally an adorable white cotton dress with heartshaped flowers and a nice corset waist.

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