Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Desirable Dada’s Diamonds

Dada’s Diamonds is a Swedish jewellery designer par excellence, with really unique and wonderfully imaginative theme based designs.

This double brooch is from Friday’s Collection (Robinson Crusoe), and it’s called Polly’s Shadow. I saw it live yesterday on a colleague, and it looks fantastic in real life! I got slightly jealous to be honest ...

This is Tea Time double brooch from Wonderland collection (Alice in Wonderland, obviously!).

Brooch from That’s Amore collection. I must say I really love the mix of metals.

Another brooch from That’s Amore. Would look great as a tie pin, don’t you think?

Wonder charms earrings, so very sweet indeed.

Seashell earrings from Friday’s Collection.

Darling Wonder Charm Rose earrings.

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