Tuesday, 1 November 2011

vintage wallpapers

Being slightly overworked at the moment, I’m lazily just gonna reblog these lovely vintage wallpapers from Graham & Brown via Design*Sponge. As usual I would want the whole setting with furniture and everything! This first 50’s one, Rock in Mink by Hemingway, would definitely go well in our lounge, or rather how I picture it will look one day when all the pieces are there. If that is ever possible, I guess once you feel you’re done with something at home, you sort of find a new interest and start all over again.

This rather busy 60’s style, Loopy Lines Rock-A-Billy Blue, could work nicely in our kitchen, although I would prefer a more teal or olive shade.

This one is called Do the Stretch: Mean Mustard Cult Movie, and I can picture it in our small entrance hallway.

For this one we would ideally have a bigger apartment, with a proper master bedroom, where this beautiful 30’s art deco inspired Deco Diamond Enamel Green would suit best. I would of course also have a huge closet, and this mannequin to showcase a new dress every week. Yes, indeed I would.

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