Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Package Project 2011

I am so excited having been partnered up for The Package Project hosted by Cupcake Couture. My partner is Rochelle, an architect from Johannesburg, and she’s got a beautiful and inspiring blog called Worded Reflections. I have already started getting things together for what I hope will be a desirable mix of personality, seasonality, practicality, and nationality, with a dash of pretty peculiarities as well! Gift shopping and making is after all one of my favorite things, so this is a project designed for me. Only downside is that it mustn’t be too heavy or fragile, since it needs to travel a long way by mail, so I have had to ignore a few great ideas because of that.

Once the package has arrived safely to Rochelle she will post about it on her blog, and I shall of course blog about her package for me. I can’t wait! I will also be back in South Africa by then, am very excited about that since it’s a year and a half since I was last there. I have missed it a lot!

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