Tuesday, 3 April 2012

dreamy dress finds from etsy

Well as usual spring didn’t stay and winter came back, even though the snow at least hasn’t stayed on the ground for long the last few days. But it makes me long even more intensely for warm days without tights and wearing summer dresses and sandals. Here are some summery dreamy dress finds from Etsy! Raspberry Sorbet Floral 1950’s Dress is simply stunning. I love raspberries, in every sense.

Maybe not the most traditional summer dress, but I really love this Black & White Chevron Dress just the same!

Absolutely gorgeous 1950’s Rose Print Cotton Dress.

This red and blue Plaid Picnic Circle Skirt Dress just screams summer to me! And I would indeed wear it to many a picnic all summer long, where I would sip mint julips and nibble on tiny apple tarts.

Adorable Pink and Purple Floral 1950’s Dress that I would like to wear to a wedding, if I were to be invited to one this summer. Oh, let a girl dream, won’t you! With hail storms and dropped temperatures in April it’s pretty much all we’ve got here up in the North.

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