Tuesday, 10 April 2012

V&A pretty pattern history

Victoria & Albert Museum have just launched a new series of pattern books from their vast archives, and I would most definitely like to dedicate a whole bookshelf to them at home. They come at a very reasonable price, so it wouldn’t be impossible! Some of them are collected in these nice boxes, and they all come with a free cd with high resolution pictures. Good deal indeed!

British wallpaper and fabric company Sanderson looks particularly interesting, since about a year ago when I first heard of them I have kept my eyes on their beautiful products.

And Liberty of course! What would pattern history be without them?

Heal’s is a new find for me, and I look forward to learning more about them by the few looks I’ve seen so far. It looks absolutely amazing and exactly to my taste!

What could cost me a little bit more is that I also got an overwhelming desire to go visit V&A again, since I haven’t been there since I was little. At least I would save the postage cost for these lovely books!

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