Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Found here.

Happy Easter everyone! Here’s some predominantely purple and yellow inspiration from Etsy for the weekend, a very favorable colour combination in my opinion, not only for this holiday.

Found here.

Start with this cute 1970’s floral cotton sundress.

Found here.

Add some nice flat sandals, if you’re lucky enough to stay in a place where bare feet won’t lead to hypothermia.

Found here.

Put a bird on it! For example this wonderful vintage hummingbird brooch.

Found here.

Let your hair down and put a darling little flower clip in it.

Found here.

And for the modern girl, a very stylish and colourful iPad sleeve, that I’m sure can be used for something else too, like a paperback for example? Or small magazine? I do not own any Apple devices apart from the tiniest iPod (which is it’s own clip and doesn’t need a sleeve), but sometimes I really want to get some of the really pretty sleeves that are out there.

Enjoy the long weekend!


Paperdoll said...

Thanks for featuring my sandals. They actually would look really great to the dress you picked. These are great finds!

Jenny Kellerman Pillay said...

You're very welcome, they are so cute! I also pinned one of your dresses yesterday, your store is full with pretty gems!