Sunday, 21 November 2010

candid candles

There isn't really that much you can do about the darkness this time of year, just stay inside as much as possible and surround yourself with pretty lights. I have yet to get this electric candlestick from storage, I don't want to be the first in the neighbourhood to get it up. But as soon as someone lights one I'll be sure to follow. The candlestick (not sure about the proper English word for it) is a vintage find from last year. I found it in a charity shop for 200 kronor, which is a good price for a working 60's teak electric candlestick, and I just love the design. I've never wanted one of these before, cos I've never found one that I liked the design of, so I was quite pleased finding this. Next Sunday is the first in Advent, and by then all windows in Sweden will be packed with different kinds of lights.

We went to an Indian christmas market today, at my favorite theatre (Södra teatern). It's a part of the current Indian festival, that I haven't experienced that much from so far. Hosting 5 stalls in total I would say that calling it a market maybe was a bit misleading, and some of the prices were quite shocking. Knowing what lovely punjabis and scarves I can get in Durban, I wasn't gonna spend 1.200 kronor (about the same in rand) on just a punjabi top! I wanted to ask the sales guy if he was joking, but I didn't. We bought some Indian snacks instead, and went back home.

I now need to try on and try to decide on what to wear for an award party I'm going for tomorrow night. It's nothing too fancy really, but always nice to get a bit more dressed up when given the opportunity.