Friday, 26 November 2010

pretty in panic: waking up

When I started this blog I thought I would write about music as well as everything else I wanted to share. Turned out I haven't really, but in order to hopefully kickstart something in myself I've decided to share this with you now. Then we'll see what the future holds.

Late spring 2006 I was in a band called Dexter's Moon, when I for various reasons decided I wanted to continue making music some other way. A few months later I launched my own musical project called Pretty in Panic, named partly after a song by My Latest Novel (a band that's inspired me immensely) and partly after one of my all time favorite movies Pretty in Pink by John Hughes (Molly Ringwald being the first vintage style icon in my life). I recorded a few songs with my good friend Mikael (aka Juni Järvi), asked my brother to make a pretty websitesister-in-law to take some promo pictures, and didn't really have a clear plan of anything. I still don't, but now I'm thinking I should step out of my hibernating existance and make some new songs over the holidays. Because there's nothing like winter and snow to inspire songwriting, and maybe one day I will release a full album of cold songs.

PS. The Pretty in Panic website hasn't been updated in about 3 years, but I still really like it's design. The cute animals are pictures from a Chinese block puzzle I bought in Copenhagen many years ago.
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