Tuesday, 30 November 2010

particularly pretty penguins pt. 6

They say we're having the coldest winter in 100 years. Great, that's a record I would have preferred not to break, ever. Who decided it was time for that? Last winter wasn't exactly a walk in the sun either, so I do think we'd deserve a break this year. And just like the fans sold out in the stores this summer, when we to everyone's surprise had a heatwave, the heating fans will likely sell out too. In order to not worry about that right at this minute, I'll look in awe at some more Penguin Classics, from the Great Ideas series.

I truly cannot get enough of these, every time I look at them I get happy. Graphic prozac. Can't wait for my holiday leave, when I'll hopefully take a lot of time to catch up on some reading, which is well overdue. What I'm feeling most for at the moment though is actually re-reading a book I read a few years ago, and that I keep thinking about so often. It deserves a post on it's own, so I'll get back on that.

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