Tuesday, 23 November 2010

i heart red

It seems I'm getting into the holiday spirit after all. Well it's not that I'm really opposed to christmas or anything, and to say that I'm against the whole consumerism of it I'd be the biggest hypocrite of the year. Obviously I love consuming! And I completely love buying gifts, taking good time to figure out what each and everyone would appreciate and hopefully need, then spending a good amount of time and effort wrapping them beautifully too. When I'm getting around to it, I'll show you what I mean and how I spend my winter evenings before christmas. The adorable squirrel and heart design is a print from the Swedish Pharmacy last year, I just completely fell in love with it.

Another thing I appreciate about this time of year is the amount of red you can find everywhere. Red is my signature colour after all (in my mind at least). I love to wear it, and I love to surround myself with it. The result is that my home is always pretty much prepared for christmas all year round, very convenient. This is a Salvation Army find from this summer, a very pretty wrap around cardigan for a mere 45 kronor, surprisingly warm as well. I'm a big fan of this kind of knitwear, it's perfect to top off a dress with.

I guess what I really dislike about christmas is the stress in other people, panickly shopping shopping shopping and crowding crowding crowding everywhere you try to go. But there are ways of avoiding that too of course, as best you can: 1) begin early (i.e. September ideally), 2) make lists, 3) browse the internet for inspiration, order what you can from there, 4) avoid malls if possible, or be there when the shops open so you can finish early, 5) don't be hungry! Hunger is the worst shopping companion. Okay, maybe this wasn't the most clever advice anyone's ever come up with, but it's still good advice. This year my plan is to get as many vintage gifts as possible, so that I can combine my two favorite shopping experiences, which is my own gift to myself I guess. The cute red little sweater is also a vintage find from this summer at the Salvation Army, for 50 kronor.

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