Tuesday, 16 November 2010

goodbye golden leaves

Just the other weekend these colours could be found everywhere, now it's pretty much all gone. Not to be found again for another year or so. Fortunately the greens will be back long before that though, and we do have a lot of fur and pine trees staying green the whole year. Right now this depressing lack of colour makes me seriously wonder what I'm doing this side of the globe, when we've got a place in Durban where the sun is shining and warming and the trees are blossoming. Oh, well, I can always dream of a white christmas and get that wish fulfilled up here ... White is not a colour though, white is even more a lack of colour. So I do my best to keep warm in colourful clothes, it's what you have to do.

I'm gonna go see a few movies at the film festival here in Stockholm, when it starts this weekend, that's also a nice way to escape the dreary weather for a bit. There was a time when I would take a week's leave during the festival and just see movies the whole days, which can be both wonderful and sometimes a bit depressing since everwhere else seemed to be better.

I've said it before though, and will most likely say it again, and again, and again: being two is the best way to keep warm. Being three is even better, and the second person doesn't have to be a spouse, it might just as well be a friend, or a cat even, but preferably a rather big cat, or a bunch of them. I wonder what our South African cats would think about snow?

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