Monday, 20 December 2010

creating christmas

With just a few days to go, I'm trying my best to get into Christmas spirit. I decided to throw in a few more decorations, though for some reason they always seem to blend into the rest of my home, that's already quite red and festive ... Anyway, here's a vintage embroidered window cloth (or whatever it might be called) from my grandmother, to accompany the electric candlestick, also from her.

This little red robbin lives in one of my green plants.
He doesn't mind the snow as long as it stays outside.

I got some hyacinths last week, and I really hope they'll start to blossom in time, because that smell is the most Christmassy smell I know. I planted them in some nice big red mugs I have. Another table cloth from my grandmother, and two tiny santa figurines I got for 2 kronor each at the Salvation Army last year. They're ridiculous, so I just had to put them there to complete the Christmas still life. The plant in the middle is an orchid that's sometimes called a Christmas orchid. It's quite old and probably won't recover and bloom again, but I just can't throw it away just yet. If there's life, there's hope, right?

Another group of hyacinths I planted in a very classic vintage dish called ”Berså”, designed by Swedish Stig Lindberg in the 60's. You can find a few items in this design that are produced anew, but the two things I've got are from my grandmother. I wanted some green moss, but the lady in the store said that because of the snow I wouldn't be able to find it anymore. So I asked what else she could suggest I use, and she said nuts and I think it works quite well. It's quite traditional to have a bowl of whole nuts and a nutcracker for Christmas where I come from, so it seems suitable too.

I really like the so called polka amaryllis, which are white with pinkish red stripes, so I got one of those too. That will most likely not blossom before or in time for Christmas, but maybe for New Year's? It's not like my need for flowers will disappear after the weekend. The little crochet table cloth is also from my grandmother.

The last vintage table cloth from my grandmother in this post, with pretty and rather plain embroideries I really like. I forgot to light the fourth Advent candle yesterday, so I'm doing that tonight, let all the candles burn down. I'll show a close-up on the beautiful glass ball some other time. In the old mustard glass jar we keep polka candy.

So there you have it, a little piece of Christmas in our home!

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