Monday, 6 December 2010

gifting myself

The electric candlesticks are in their places, a big part of the christmas gifts are already wrapped, and I'm counting down the days until one month leave from work. Friday is the last day, I can't wait! There are so many things I wanna do on my leave, but I also wanna spend a lot of time doing nothing since I feel pretty energy drained after an autumn of hard work. First of all we're going to the Southern tip of Sweden though, to celebrate an early Christmas with my father, his wife and my youngest brother. I'm really looking forward to that, because we're always getting really good food and wine and conversation there, and a good dose of Wii. Which is just what I need right now.

This lovely red steel candlestick is my grandmother's old one, I think it's from the 50's or 60's.

And here's the 60's teak candlestick I've shown before. I need to get some hyacinths next week, it's the best Christmas smell I know.

In the spirit of the season I got myself some early Christmas gifts today. This showroom place close to work occasionally sells samples a lot cheaper than usual, and I found two pairs of very cute earrings I couldn't resist. This white pair reminded me of snowballs, and they're made out of shells actually.

Ruby red, drop shaped lovelies that will compliment half my wardrobe, so pretty! Both these pairs cost 70 kronor each, and I just know I'm gonna use them a lot.

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