Wednesday, 22 December 2010

yangtorp pt. 1: snow white

Here's a first (white) selection of beautiful views from Yangtorp, the qigong resort in the south of Sweden, that we visited last week. I knew we were going there, but I still wasn't prepared for this sight when we went around a corner. Obviously we couldn't have asked for a nicer day to go there, even though it was freezing cold. It's not completely finished yet, but the qigong temple is ready and in use, and the hotel is up and running. The restaurant is also open, and as you know the shop as well. I hope to get back there in the summer, to do some more shots when it's surrounded by all greens instead of this white landscape.

After this visit we went a little further up the road (the usual distance between places in the country side, where ever you go in the world it seems), where a tiny little village is it's own republic (don't ask me why or how it works). There's one little grocery shop, and opposite it is a small bakery, which was open on a Sunday. They had a lovely selection of baked goods, but it also turned out to be a thai restaurant. This part of Sweden is sure full of surprises. We had a delicious lunch there, and bought a bag full of buns and cakes to bring home.

It was a very good Sunday indeed.

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