Thursday, 2 December 2010

dreamy creations from jumperfabriken

On my way home from work I went into a store that I try to stay away from. Mainly because they carry some really nice, but very expensive brands, and I try to not tempt myself too much. But during the last few weeks I've been looking at a cardigan every morning, thinking how perfect it looks, and how much I'd like it to be mine. Today it was gone, and I couldn't help but go inside to see if it was there still. It was, and it is expensive, and gorgeous. It's made by Swedish brand Jumperfabriken (The Jumper Factory), and checking out their website I started to feel a bit faint, because everything is so beautiful. They all have female names, so let me present my favorite selection for you. My "original" cardigan is called Rosanna, and costs 1.295 kronor.

This black and white hound's tooth jumper is simply amazing. So 60's! She's called Daniela and costs 999 kronor (about the same in rand).

The designers behind the brand are Elisabeth Synnes and Carina Zervakos, and they started the company in 2007. They're inspired by vintage photos from the 50's and 60's, and mainly design knitted jumpers and dresses. Like this cute jacquard dress called Judith, for 1.195 kronor.

This pretty in pink folklore cardigan would certainly brighten up any snowy, dark winter night. She's called Laura and will set you back 999 kronor.

I don't wear hoodies, but especially in knitwear I like a nice hood once in a while. In fact I'm wearing one today, a favorite find from Mr Price back in Durban. This particular black and white lady is called Stina and has got a price tag saying 1.295 kronor.

Here's another piece of perfection, the cut, the colours, the buttons, the pattern, all made out of 100% lamb's wool. Siv is the name, 999 kronor the price.

I can't decide which colour is the cutest. This cardy they also had in the store, and it's so soft and wonderful.

And even though I don't like wearing blue that much, I'd surely make an exception for this beauty, Vilhelmina. For 1.195 kronor she can be yours. Or mine, obviously, if I was in the habit of paying that much for clothes. Which I'm not, as previously stated. In this particular case I'm seriously considering making an exception though, simply because every one of these pieces would make me happy for sure, and seeing as I'm currently living in a climate where we've got winter about 6 months of the year, of course there would be plenty of opportunities to wear it/them. I'm not sure if I'm trying to convince you, or myself.

Anyway, I did actually buy some new knitwear today, for a total of 105 kronor I got one shortsleeved jumper and one cardigan at the Salvation Army. They were pretty enough, but I'll be dreaming about all these girls for a while still. Siv, Stina, Judith, and everyone else.

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