Sunday, 10 April 2011

antique animals

The other week I had a very inspiring work day mostly spent in the Museum of Natural History in Stockholm, for a catalogue photo shoot. Publishing can be a very versatile line of work! The object we mainly were there for was this Asian leopard from 1912 (since our publishing house is called Leopard). It was tricky and a bit scary and very heavy to try and move around, since it’s so old and quite fragile, but it was well worth it.

The museum building is from around 1750 and very beautiful with great architectural features. For me, who loves architectural features and animals and most things old with a history, it’s definitely the place to be! Weirdly enough I haven’t been to this museum since I was a kid, and I didn’t have time to really walk around now either. But I’m so going back to check every corner out one day. This dung beetle, one of the weirdest and most wonderful insects in the world, got a very nice statue for himself in the stairway.

And not surprisingly I was in awe of this impressive owl looking down at me.

In the gift store I had to really contain myself not to buy everything, and did pretty well I must say. I’m trying to not buy every cute and unusal plastic animal I see, which is more difficult than it may seem. And a bit ridiculous, I know, I know.

But look at the owl, and the peacock, and the flamingo!

For a few minutes I very seriously considered letting this crazy and cute looking flying squirrel coming home with me, just because I’ve never seen anything like it! Isn’t it great?! It looks like it wants a hug, but that it might just as well attack you should you lean in to give one ... So I put it back on the shelf.

But just before leaving, I spotted this adorable creature, who pleaded so nicely to take him out of there, and I simply could not resist.

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