Thursday, 7 April 2011

nordic vintage

Swedish photo agency Nordic Photos is releasing a new archive called Nordic Vintage. An excellent idea in my opinion. Here’s a rather lovely and inspiring sneak peak. The first one is by one of my favorite Swedish photographers Georg Oddner.

Man on the run. Photographer: Sten Didrik Bellander.

A Swedish Saab in America. Photographer: Pål-Nils Nilsson.

1960’s. Photographer: Hans Hammarskiöld. This is so much a typical Swedish summer scene!

1966. Photographer: Bengt-Göran Carlsson. This looks a little bit like my mum in the 60’s, she had really long red hair and was covered in freckles.

Young woman, Stockholm, Sweden 1967. Photographer: Anders Petersen. This is also a very typical Swedish summer setting, and I can almost smell the lilacs.

1950’s. Photographer: Georg Oddner. The master of style.

1950’s. Photographer: Sten Didrik Bellander.

1950’s. Photographer: Sten Didrik Bellander.

A proper police escort. Photographer: Hans Hammarskiöld.

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