Wednesday, 6 April 2011

new wardrobe friends

I’d like to introduce some recent new friends of mine. These are my new favorite earrings, from Poplin in Stockholm. I don’t remember the designer, but they cost 149 kronor, and I love them. Poplin is a very nice little store for different designers, both accessories and clothes, and you’ll find it on Hökens gata 7, just between Götgatan and Mosebacke. It’s not exactly thrift store prices, but a lot of the items are one of a kind, or made from vintage fabrics, which I like a lot.

Speaking of vintage, my dear friend Linda very kindly donated this gorgeous white 60’s dress to me last week. It’s adorable and I’m thinking of bringing it to London next week and wear it there for the first time. I sort of think maybe that’s where it originates from anyway, the swinging London in the 60’s?

There are silver threads in between the white, so beautiful. It’ll need some colourful accessories though, so it won’t look like a wedding dress, but that’s no problem. I’ve got plenty of colourful tights, and a few belts and loads of scarves and necklaces. I guess it’s more about not picking too many of them at the same time!

Here’s my favorite thrift store find of late: a perfect jacket from Topshop via Emmaus (charity shop), for a mere 150 kronor. It’s in perfect condition and has a completely perfect fit, which isn’t the easiest when it comes to jackets, in my opinion. It’ll be my best spring accessory for sure.

I love the little details of it! This one is definitely going with me to London next week.

Another piece getting packed for London is this red skirt from H&M that I just got. It cost 249 kronor, but I had a coupon and got it for 199 kronor. I’ve been wanting a red skirt for a long time, I’ve got one in curdouroy that’s not really suitable for summer, but this cotton one is perfect with it’s high waist. It comes with the little belt, which I’m not wild about, to be honest. But I guess it works for some things.

Now all that’s left to do before going to London, is deciding on what else to pack (not too much though, since I plan on doing some shopping while there, obviously), and recovering from this dreadful cold and fever I’ve had since Monday. Am getting pretty tired of spending all days on the couch, especially since the sun has been constantly shining outside, and the temperature has gone up considerably. It’s not fair.

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