Thursday, 21 April 2011

book cover birds

Since chicken, and more importantly eggs, are an important part of Easter, I thought it would be fitting to show off this wonderful selection of exceptionally beautiful book cover design using birds. I have found most of them at the lovely Book Cover Archive, a source of endless inspiration. But this first one is made by Sara R. Acedo, a Swedish designer I know and work with on a regular basis. She is brilliant.

John Gall.

Henry Sene Yee.

David Drummond.

Duke Riley. (Disclosure: Not entirely sure I’ve got the right Riley.)

Jason Ramirez.

John Gall again.

No design info.

Rodrigo Corral. I also want to add that I LOVE this book.

High Design NYC.

Ben Pierrat.

Abby Weintraub.

Found here

Gabriele Wilson.

Happy Easter everyone!

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