Thursday, 31 March 2011

dreams of spring and dresses

Spring is still struggling to take over winter, but warmer degrees are promised for the weekend. Meanwhile I’m bringing spring to my ears with the new Noah and the Whale album Last Night On Earth, and dreaming of new dresses that I most likely won’t buy from Sivletto. If I would splash out on myself, I definitely would start with this green beauty from Tara Starlet. It’s such a nice every day dress, and I’m very much feeling the green nowadays. Could be the whole spring thing.

This isn’t as much a spring fling dress, but when do you not need another perfect black dress? In fact I hardly have one as it is, the best one needs a visit to a tailor actually. I don’t really know where to go for that, but I guess I should just find that out before I start buying new dresses to ”replace” an almost perfect one. This cute wiggle dress is called Stella and is from Steady Clothing.

The last one I would actually prefer in red with white dots, or even more preferably in red gingham. It’s from Heartbreaker Fashion. But if someone wanted to just give it to me, I definitely wouldn’t turn down the black one either, it is rather lovely too. I happen to know there are quite a few shops in London that carries these or similar kinds of retro 50’s and 60’s clothing, and if I happen to stumble upon one of them, and if they happen to have some items on sale, and if these items happen to be my size, they might just end up in my suitcase. I’m just saying.

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