Friday, 11 March 2011

book cover of the day

There is something quite predictable about me falling in love with this cover, being me and knowing my taste that is. When it comes to certain things I rarely surprise myself. Nor do I think I necessarily have to. I’m quite content with my taste, and being predictable. This particular book comes from Melville House Publishing, a publisher with incredibly good taste in book covers. Even though I at the moment spend most of my days at work looking at different book cover designs, I can’t seem to get enough of them when I stumble upon a good selection like theirs. In case you happen to live in New York and be a really good editor they are actually looking for one right now, and it sounds like an awesome job, if you ask me. I’m not an editor, and I don’t live in New York, but I still think I might be right for the job.

As I won’t get it since I’m not applying, I will do the next best thing and order a copy of the book. Not because I love the cover so much, but because this is a very good round-up of musicians and I’m very interested in reading them without listening to them. Or I guess I could though, I can’t read in silence. It’s too awkward, somehow. Like holding a monologue in my head, and not allowing anyone else to say anything. That’s just rude.

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