Wednesday, 9 March 2011

if i had vintage walls

By accident I found this awesome British company called Sanderson, who amongst other things make wallpapers and fabrics for interior design. They’re really old (from 1860!), and seem to be very proud of that and use archival prints for new designs, something I’m a big fan of. Now they’ve launched a series with both new and old 50’s designs, and I’m loving it big time! I want this desk, that purse, those glasses, that lamp, those books.

I do actually have a vintage tray table from the 60’s, but I don't have a coffee pot as good looking as this, so I’ll take that too.

And I’m actually thinking very seriously about getting another chair at the moment, for the living room, and this one would be absolutely perfect.

We also need a new couch, as I’ve previously posted about, and I think this would do very nicely. I love this chair too, but I’d prefer it a little less bold to be honest. I wouldn’t turn the table down either, if pushed. Oh, and the radio/stereo in the background, please!

If I’ll ever live in a house with a staircase, I shall be sure to stand like this wearing long gloves and have my morning coffee every weekend.

And even though I prefer darker woods for my furniture (teak or cherry to be specific), I still very much like these lighter ones, especially that little side table. I like side tables, they don’t allow themselves to get too messy, which is a good quality in my book. They hardly even allow coffee table books to be put on them. Good thing I’ve got shelves for them.

“Wrappings” is a contemporary wallpaper design, available in five different colours. I’m actually quite hesitant about putting up wallpapers in my home, simply because I love putting up posters and postcards and paintings so much. And it would all be too busy, even for my busy taste. But I really like the idea of wallpapers, especially pretty vintage looking one’s like these.

“Miro” is a wallpaper developed from a classic fabric print from the 50’s, and it comes in seven different colourways. This one with the turqouise and terracotta is my favorite.

“Fifi” is an original design from the 50’s, depicting the very classic New Look silhouette that was launched in 1947 by Christian Dior. It pretty much goes without saying that it would look adorable as a dress fabric. Which might be a bit tricky though, since it’s a wallpaper. For now at least.

“Seaweed” was originally designed in 1954 and is a fabric. I’m thinking a nice full width skirt would look very nice in this.

“Mobiles” is an original 50’s design that comes both as a fabric and as a wallpaper, in five different colourways. I’m certain this teal version would make a supercute dress.

“Hayward” is a contemporary design made to look like decorations on Poole pottery from the 50’s. I’m liking these pale colours a lot.

But I’m also liking the bolder colours. Perhaps an apron in this fabric? I think it would work wonders.

“Dandelion clocks” is designed by contemporary artist Fiona Howard, and is probably my favorite of the bunch. I would love a dress in this fabric. But also a wallpaper in a walk-in-closet in that house with the staircase where I might live one day. And I’ll also keep at least one three legged sidetable in there.

This is “Miro” the velvet fabric, obviously similar to “Miro” the wallpaper as seen above, but yet different with smaller leaves. Much like the wallpaper it comes in seven different colour combinations. I think this red and vanilla combo would look excellent in a skirt.

And finally I’d take this classic black and grey version in a chair, maybe the one in the third picture above. Yes, I think I would be quite happy with this, quite happy indeed.

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Great post on the Sanderson wallpaper. Love the 1st image too.