Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Dana Tanamachi’s chalk calligraphy

I’m in complete awe over these chalk calligraphy designs made by New York based graphic designer Dana Tanamachi. I think they’re pure perfection, and I wish I would have come up with this idea. And had this skill. And lived in Brooklyn and worked as a calligrapher and graphic designer. Hey, it’s international women’s day, I can dream what I want!

I wonder if Wes Anderson the director has anything to do with this? I wouldn’t mind having a chalked wall at home, where I could play around with designs like these. Maybe I could start off with just a little one I can keep in my lap? I still remember how much I loved my birthday in school, in the first grades, because our teacher had such a beautiful handwriting and would always draw a wreath of flowers with your name inside for your birthday. She was a big inspiration for my early interest in handwriting actually, even though she was concerned that I held my pen ‘wrong’. I forgave her for that.

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