Sunday, 6 March 2011

fine flowers

Last week just rushed by and I'm happy it's over because it was way too busy for my taste. I had a lot of fun too, but I prefer my fun things to be a bit spread out, not stacked like this. Anyways, the best thing that happened was seeing The National live again. It was truly lovely and just confirmed how much I love them. Spring is very slowly approaching, too slowly for my taste, and I decided to bring a big bunch of tulips home on Friday. We had some guests later that night and they brought even more tulips and some gorgeous peonies too, so I had a little flower photo shoot to capture the abundance.

I actually don't have that much else to say, I'm a bit too exhausted after this week. I'm hoping next week will slow down a little bit at least, but you never know. As long as the flowers stay pretty and the sun keeps shining so that the snow keeps melting, I'll make it.

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