Monday, 28 February 2011

stunning silk

Last time I went to Humana I found half a room filled with Chinese silk stuff and almost fainted. I ruffled through everything quickly, afraid someone would come and sweep something away from right under my eyes. To find proper Chinese silk clothes in Stockholm is either 1) expensive and/or 2) too small. Often both. Even if it was cheap and fitting I guess I wouldn't buy that much anyway, because it's not the easiest clothes to wear, or find suitable occassions to wear it to. I know I talk about making the occassions rather than waiting for them, but there are always exceptions to any rule. That being said, I still couldn't leave this beautiful turquoise robe/jacket behind, but I truly have no idea when I'm gonna wear it. Or with what. Except as a robe at home, which is enough I guess.

But the silk has got little Chinese houses on it, and landscapes! I love it!

And I love the black details and the white buttons knots. Lovely! The fair cost of it was 98 kronor, and when the light and warm summer nights are finally here I'm gonna wear it and sip sparkling wine the whole time.

This little cutie I'll definitely wear though, with a black pencil skirt maybe. It's got a perfect fit, and only cost 59 kronor and I'm very much in love with it. Not sure I can wait until summer to wear it, so I might try it with a black sweater underneath, I think that will be cuter than wearing it with a cardigan.

I really love Chinese button knots! And cherry blossoms of course.

Finally I also picked this jacket because of the lovely colour combination and the fact that it only cost 49 kronor. It's a bit on the big side, so this will be my new favorite pajamas jacket to be worn around the house. The only times I usually wear pajamas around the house is when I've got a fever though, but a girl can need to be a bit fancy when she's got a fever. Not that I ever need a fever in the first place!

Turquoise, pink and red, the trifecta colour combo, thank you very much. And thank you Humana, for bringing in all those lovely things. I'm gonna do my best to not visit again in a while though, because my wardrobe can't take much more at the moment. It needs to go on a diet first, or a proper spring cleaning, as soon as spring arrives. Today the headlines said it's on it's way. I wan't to believe, but I've been burnt before, so I won't hold my breath. And I won't put my winter wardrobe to rest until it's been 15 degrees outside for at least 2 weeks in a row. I will however dream about it.

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