Thursday, 3 February 2011

chinese art, selected

Here's a selection of some of the fantastic pieces I saw at the East Asian Museum on Sunday. Later this year they're also re-opening their Japanese selection, can't wait for that. I wish I could remember what everything is, and when and where it's from, but all in all I probably saw 500 different art objects so I don't. Just enjoy looking at them as the beauties they are.

I will leave you with this darling owl, that's a wine jug, and wish you all a pleasant evening.

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August said...

The first piece is gorgeous. I get your museum overload problem. Sometimes I tell myself I'm going to go into a museum and just concentrate on one wing, but I can never help myself. I think Tokyo National Museum around Ueno Park has some of the world's most amazing Japanese sculpture by the way. (Though I've also seen some really stunning pieces in Kyoto.)