Tuesday, 1 February 2011

clog cravings

I know these will probably be shown on fashion blogs all over the place very shortly, and I'm hardly the first to post about it. But being Swedish I think I'm entitled to do it too. Post about Swedish Hasbeens completely amazing spring line that is. I mean, come one, look at these creations! I wasn't even a huge fan until I bought my first pair, and something woke up in me. A Clog Craving. Now I can only hope I'll find out about another garage sale sometime soon, although I guess the new models might not be on sale for a while.

I think this is my favorite as of right now! Maybe because it reminds me of candy canes.

This one in red is simply stunning too. And so many of my dresses would love them! The budget of all these shoes is basically a good holiday abroad though, which isn't really how I like spending my money. But they can't charge me for dreaming about them, so I'll keep doing that. Oh, yes, I'll sure do that.

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