Sunday, 13 February 2011

buy one, get two for free

Since winter is showing no sign whatsoever to leave, quite the opposite in fact, I thought it was only fair to treat myself to a new cardigan. I found this adorable, light mint green, 50's looking angora cardy at H&M for 299 kronor, and I simply couldn't resist it. So I didn't.

I love the details, especially on the elbows. Unfortunately I don't see that wearing it, but you can't get everything I guess. It feels good to know it's there all the same.

The same day as I discovered Lina Bodén as an awesome illustrator, I suddenly spotted this little tin box in the grocery store. Imagine my happiness to find out you got it for free, buying a packet of sanitary pads. So now I can carry Lina Bodén's art around in my purse. Thank you very much!

Going to Lindex to buy some hairpins yesterday, I got stuck in a line for a very long time and started browsing whatever was close to the register. Very last minute I decided to let this cute owl ring come home with me, after all it only cost 50 kronor. Turns out I got if for free. I didn't realise this until I got home, when I checked the receipt, because I was in a hurry. Normally I'm an honest person, I would let them know they're making a mistake. Not this time though, I'm keeping the owl, for free. It was meant to be.

Okay, enough of the lame rhyming, I must save some for Valentine's tomorrow.

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