Friday, 4 February 2011

in the prettiest paper garden

Of course I couldn't visit the East Asian Museum without visiting their gift shop. That's like giving me a piece of cake and not expecting me to eat it. I did however do my best not to buy everything my heart desired, and did quite well I must say. Screaming kids that ran around without any parents that told them off also helped, or rather prevented any kind of relaxed browsing of the little store. But I came home with a few lovely things. First 2 postcards of some Shanghai ladies. I can't get enough of them it seems.

How I wish I knew what the text says! If you know, please share with my curious mind.

A little washi paper box with a bunch of small square washi paper and washi paper stickers. Too cute! And I must must must take up origami. I read something promising today, that the lady that runs my favorite paper store here in Stockholm is going for a class in how to make origami jewellery, and that she might give her own class about it later. That would be great!

Look at all the lovely colours and patterns, it's like the prettiest paper garden you can imagine.

This is a bonus for having great friends, not from the gift shop, but from one of my friends who went there with me. It's a little peacock belt for kids, that I'm thinking will be perfect as a hair band. Among a lot of things, we share an obsession with peacocks.

They had some nice looking big kokeshi dolls, but they were a bit pricey and not that special in my eyes. But at the counter, just as I was about to leave, I found these tiny ones and couldn't leave without one.

Look how well it fits into my little kokeshi collection! I think it shouldn't grow that much bigger now though. (The collection, not the tiny doll.) Unless I actually go to Japan one day, and happen to walk into a kokeshi doll store ... It's impossible to tell what would happen if I did, my head might explode? I wonder if there's washi wallpaper out there by the way ...? That would be something!

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